About us

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SIGURD-IT is a subsidiary of the PROTEI Science and Technology Center. The company is a 100% Russian developer of Contact centers. For 19 years, we have been developing, implementing and providing round-the-clock technical support for our solutions.

Our solutions are your smart choice for maximum efficiency in solving tasks with minimal investment. SIGURD-IT solutions are new opportunities for new success.

Professionalism, understanding of responsibility, commitment to goals, as well as the knowledge that success depends on the coordinated work of both parties, puts our solutions on a par with the most famous developers in the world.

We develop solutions for:

  • B2G, B2B, and B2O sectors.
  • Enterprise market (Logistics companies, banks, online stores, etc.)
  • Specialized structures (fire service 01, police service 02, ambulance service 03, multifunctional centers, city hospitals, clinics), as well as safe city, etc.
  • Outsourcing contact centers

Our team

We are a team of professionals who can solve problems of any complexity!