On June 28 and 29, 2022, one of the key practical events in the contact center industry will take place in Moscow, at the Holiday Inn Sokolniki Hotel. Excellence in Customer Contacts - XII Excellence in Customer Contacts is an annual international meeting of managers and leading managers who share their secrets of success, and the guests of the event, in turn, will learn how to effectively and quickly apply for their company the best practices obtained at the meeting from the leaders of the contact center industry.

Service 122, built by the specialists of STC PROTEY and SIGURD-IT, which are part of the PROTEY IT holding, has been successfully operating in St. Petersburg for more than 2 years. It receives more than 30 thousand calls a day and provides residents with access to medical and consulting services. This experience of real digital transformation has earned the CIPR DIGITAL award in the nomination "Health of the Nation" for the best digital solution in the field of healthcare.

Two years have passed since the establishment by the operator of the St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise "Smolny Automatic Telephone Exchange with the support of the Committee on Informatization and Communications of the Unified Information and Reference Service 122. The project to modernize the operator's network was implemented by SIGURD IT on the basis of equipment of its own design.

In solving issues related to the quality management of its product, every component is important for SIGURD-IT, and over the many years of successful work, the company has repeatedly made sure that in order to achieve success, first of all, it is necessary to work using high-quality tools. It was this fact that served as one of the reasons for the choice of the "sigurdovites" of the Russian Test IT testing management system, which is currently being successfully implemented in many of the company's projects.

Currently, it is difficult to imagine almost any customer service without a contact center. A huge number of voice calls are processed daily by operators of such centers, actively communicate with customers using e-mail messages, messenger chats and social networks, because this is how you can always stay in touch with the customer and win his loyalty in the 21st century.
For three years now, SIGURD-IT specialists, together with colleagues from STC PROTEY, have been actively working on one of the key projects for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. To implement this large-scale project, a single distributed contact center SIGURD MIND was selected as the main element of the 102 system. All calls received via the 102 service lines and addressed to the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Uzbekistan are now promptly received, processed and registered by the operators of the implemented Sigurd-IT system.