Analitics SpeechPRO

Speech Analytics software for conversations between the company and its customers. It is intended for automating the processing of audio recordings of all dialogs operators with customers in contact centers.
Analitics SpeechPRO

Speech analysis software is designed to analyze conversations between a company and its customers. It is designed to automate the processing of audio recordings in contact centers, government services and customer service points.

The main business value of the software product is to improve the quality of service and prevent customer churn through 100% coverage of all service sessions and timely detection of problematic conversations: both from the operator's side and from the client's side.

The rich functionality allows customers to solve a wide range of tasks: from simple search for keywords in records, continuing with Analytics for compliance with checklists and categorization of calls by topic, ending with a full text transcript of conversations with the selection of the subscriber's and operator's speech.

The introduction of the product in one of Sberbank's subsidiaries helped to identify monthly customers who are ready to terminate cooperation and thus prevent their outflow. Implementation in one of the state services (112), which is currently being implemented, helps to quickly track complaints, ensure their timely resolution and form the image of an organization focused on providing assistance and benefit to the population.

In the segment of Telecom operators, the product can also be used to create the operator's own B2B services, for example, as an additional service within the virtual PBX service, when a corporate subscriber gets the opportunity to independently analyze the recordings of conversations of their employees in the personal account of the PBX.

The product supports white-label technology and can be easily adapted to the operator's brand book and seamlessly integrated with the it system using the REST api.