SIGURD-MIND contact center

A modern IP Contact Center solves problems of any complexity that our Customers face. This is an assistant with a wide range of functions that will allow you to effectively serve 100% of requests via any communication channels (voice, messengers, chats, social networks, e-mail, video).

SIGURD-MIND contact center

SIGURD-MIND is a modern call processing system that is the perfect solution for Your business. Information services, service systems, taxi services, entertainment services, telemarketing, outsourcing – these are just some of the possible applications of our system. The reliability of our contact center in real operation has been repeatedly confirmed by successful implementations for both commercial companies and government agencies, including the Ministry of emergency situations and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

Using IP technologies in the solution allows you to organize operators workplaces anywhere in the telecommunications network, which will allow you to effectively create an outsourcing contact center and provide services to other companies.

The contact center has been developed since 2002 and is completely self-developed, which allows you to implement all the Customer's wishes while meeting the request of your business. The modular architecture of the Contact center allows the Customer to choose the necessary modules independently. This way you can benefit by purchasing only the necessary functionality. Omni-channel provides a single queue for all types of requests, which makes operators work more efficiently, which leads to a reduction in the payroll due to a reduction in the total number of operators. Hot booking allows you to add new functionality without stopping the Contact center, which preserves the quality of service and high customer loyalty.

Basic functionality

The contact center provides:

  • the ability to create an arbitrary number of services (access numbers) of various types and purposes;
  • ability to combine operators in groups according to the functions performed and qualifications, the ability to assign senior group operators with advanced functions;
  • routing incoming calls by caller and caller numbers (CgPN and CdPN), arrival region, and schedule;
  • distribution of incoming call per operator according to several algorithms;
  • support for call queues;
  • ability to create a callback;
  • ability to forward calls by the operator;
  • possibility to consult the operator;
  • operators can communicate with each other;
  • recording and listening to conversations;
  • maintaining call history (detailed logging of call components with the ability to find a specific call using various search criteria);
  • maintaining statistics, building and uploading reports with the ability to design them by the user;
  • support for black and white lists;
  • support for prioritizing customer service;
  • receiving multimedia messages (messengers, social networks, chats)

The reliability of the contact center

KC equipment is reserved in such a way that in case of failure of any component of the KC, the functioning of key business processes of the KC is preserved in full.

If the communication channel with any of the sites is interrupted, the functioning of key business processes on each of the sites is preserved.

The incoming phone call distribution equipment is designed in such a way that in the event of a failure of the management server, call distribution management is automatically transferred to the backup equipment without the participation of personnel. If the communication channel with any of the sites is interrupted, the equipment management at this site automatically switches to the backup equipment without the participation of personnel for no more than 5 minutes. When the communication channel is restored, the management of the telephone call distribution equipment is transferred to the main management server also without the participation of personnel for no more than 5 minutes.

If the communication channel between the sites is broken, the corporate databases and the CDR generation system remain operational at all sites.

The equipment of the interactive speech interaction system is designed so that the failure of any of the servers does not lead to system failure. Maintaining the system's performance in the event of a failure of any of the servers does not require staff intervention – the process of connecting backup resources at the time of failure occurs automatically.

The recording system is designed in such a way that in the event of a break in the communication channel, the recording of all telephone conversations continues in full at all sites.

Setting up your own call center allows you to

quality icon
Improve the quality of customer service through the work of qualified consultants
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Ensure the security of personal data
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Increase the level of integration with other systems used

Differences and advantages



Thanks to the open API, the Contact center simply integrates with CRM, AIS, DB, and other services. This will allow you to maintain your existing infrastructure and, as a result, save on implementation.


Thanks to the service-oriented architecture, the Contact center can easily expand without changing the technological base, which leads to cost savings.
Stability of operation

Stability of operation

Thanks to hot backup, adding new functionality occurs without stopping the Contact center, so the quality of services provided is fully preserved.


We have about 20 years of experience in implementing contact centers, so we will launch It in just 10 business days, which will allow you to start working immediately.


Our Contact center has a modular architecture, so you can choose all the necessary components and get benefits by purchasing only the functionality you need.


We understand that each of our clients has unique needs, so we invest additional development hours in order to adapt the product exactly to your needs.


Single processing queue allows operators to work more efficiently, so you can reduce the number of operators, without reducing the quality of service.
Technical support

Technical support

Our Contact centers work all over the world, so the technical support service works around the clock and seven days a week, so you can get technical advice as soon as you need it.

We are ready to find the right solution for you