Sigurd–SN alert system

The SIGURD-SN system allows you to notify customers by a pre-set list of numbers and play pre-recorded messages. The transmitted voice messages and the algorithm for listening to them are determined by the voice menu associated with this notification list.

Sigurd–SN alert system

System description

The SIGURD-SN system can be used to organize notifications about debts, organize marketing campaigns, and provide individual services to clients: "active autoinformator" - alarm clock, information channels, etc.

The platform can also be used for civil defense services and other institutions in cases where it is necessary to be able to promptly notify employees.

All necessary statistical information is recorded for the notifications that were made.


  • work on multiple alert lists;
  • setting an individual autoinformer phrase for each list or for each subscriber of the notification system;
  • recording the response of the called subscriber with the ability to set the listening duration threshold or by entering a special DTMF code;
  • launch the alert list manually, automatically (on a schedule), or using a phone;
  • repeated notification attempts for busy and unresponsive numbers;
  • SMS notification
  • notifying clients with information that is accessed by external information systems