Creating contact centers for emergency medical care

Creating contact centers for emergency medical care


According to the order of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation "on approval of the procedure for providing ambulance, including specialized ambulance, medical care", the ambulance arrival time should not exceed 20 minutes, and if it is an emergency, when there is no threat to the life and health of the patient - 2 hours after the call.

How long do you think the ambulance should go to the patient?

In Tula, this figure averaged 18.5 minutes, and this time was achieved not by good roads, but by modern technologies of SIGURD-IT in close cooperation with Rostelecom.

In April 2018, our specialists launched a disaster medicine Center in the Tula region for the first time in Russia. Already in may 2019, it underwent a major upgrade and successfully passed state tests of the new functionality. What is hidden under this slightly frightening name? In fact, the state Health care Institution of the Tula region "Territorial center for emergency and emergency medicine" is a very useful and modern set of automation tools, namely, the unified dispatching service of "Emergency medical care", which includes substations in 15 districts of the region.

Now, instead of territorial-independent districts with their own dispatching services and official cars, all calls go to a single center and all ambulances of all regional hospitals in the region are managed from a single Center. This has optimized the forces and resources available in the region and reduced the time of arrival of emergency medical services. And in the case of health, it means saved lives.

SIGURD-IT already had developments for Emergency Medical Care (SMP), but the team of programmers had to raise the project almost from scratch, since it was necessary to implement a number of specific functions in the system. Our qualified developers were able to implement absolutely all the requirements for the system in a short time.

Main functionality of the implemented contact center:

The company "SIGURD-IT" organized and delivered a comprehensive solution "Contact center " for the" Territorial center of disaster medicine, emergency and emergency medical care "

of PJSC Rostelecom as an integrator

  • acquired the hardware and Software complex in the property;
  • placed server hardware on its technical site;
  • used its operators to handle calls 03.

Currently, about 2 thousand calls a day are served by our system in Tula by only 10 dispatchers. Of the total call flow, only 5% are false, and the number of calls with a team arrival time of less than 20 minutes is 86% of the total number of calls. All this was made possible largely thanks to the efforts of our team's professionals and our partners.

"Clinical ambulance station" (KSMP) in the city of Volgograd, as well successfully working on our Software and hardware complex. Integrator and service provider speaks of the Volgograd regional branch of the PJSC "Rostelecom" the "South". He organized and made the purchase of a comprehensive solution "Contact center" and leases the Contact center and communication channels to the Customer. Currently, kssmp of Volgograd rents a hardware and software complex and server equipment at the technical site of Rostelecom PJSC and uses its operators to service calls.