Creating contact centers for prompt processing of requests for COVID issues

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Creating contact centers for prompt processing of requests for COVID issues

covidIn order to prevent the spread of COVID infection in all regions of Russia, it is assumed that there are appropriate Hotlines. Specialists of such contact centers answer questions of interest to citizens and provide detailed information on the spread of infection and prevention measures.

For the hotline to work effectively, you must:

  • online tracking of incoming calls, their number, thematic focus, and age groups of applicants
  • promptly receive reports on requests-for clarity in the form of graphs and diagrams, which gives THE covid operational headquarters a clear idea of the current situation.

The contact center of the Hotline provides the following structure:

  • first level-the citizen is provided with an answer to the question immediately in accordance with the knowledge base of the unified hotline
  • second level-the citizen is provided with an answer within 24 hours from the moment of his request (if a question is received that requires additional information and special professional knowledge)
  • third level - when it is necessary to connect other departments to work, the applicant will be able to get the information he is interested in no later than 48 hours)

SIGURD contact center, using modern technologies, provides a full and effective functioning of the Hotline.

The main functionality of the SIGURD contact center for rapid processing of requests for COVID issues:

  • Intelligent call distribution;
  • Flexible system of statistics;
  • Branched IVR menus:
    • flexible voice prompt management system;
    • ability to organize automated reference and information services;
    • open API interface for interaction with external information systems.
  • Integration with third-party information systems, such as the customer's Knowledge Base;
  • Processing by the operator of all types of requests (voice, SMS, chats, e-mail, call back from the site, messengers );
  • Automatic calling of citizens ' numbers on the list, sending SMS, e-mail;
  • Reducing the waiting time of citizens in the queue, giving them the opportunity to call back (call back);
  • 100% recording of conversations with the ability to listen;
  • Visual call queue and reordering;
  • On-line monitoring of operators ' work.

Contact Center from the company “SIGURD-IT” allows you to configure the distribution of incoming calls in such a way as to eliminate waiting queues and delays for callers, and Hotline managers can now see the number of free and busy operators, save failed calls and organize a callback.