SIGURD-IT - creating contact centers for businesses

SIGURD-IT - creating contact centers for businesses

Для бизнесаWhen choosing a solution for building a contact center, the main role is played by such factors as competitive price and availability of functional systems that are not directly related to call processing, but are necessary in the project: notification systems, telemarketing, monitoring, load forecasting, the need to process requests coming from a web site, various messengers and chats.

The formula "one project – one supplier" is successful for us and our customers!

On the streets of our country's cities, many of us often meet positive white and green cars that work under the brand of "Taksovichkof"and " Gruzovichkof". Others use the delivery services of delicious food "Dostaevsky", and girls like to treat themselves to a fresh manicure and sign up for salons, for example,"KISTOCHKI".

Have you ever thought about the fact that completely unrelated at first glance, service providers live within the same group of companies and serve incoming calls on the basis of a single Contact center (CC)?

Developer and provider of solutions for service calls to GK "Taksvichkof. Gruzovichkof” "became the company - "SIGURD-IT". We have set up and launched geographically dispersed call centers and data centers that serve all the customer's phone traffic from all its disparate parts of the business.

The largest services are "Gruzovichkof" and "Taksovichkof" in St. Petersburg and Moscow, plus franchising in several dozen other cities. The Dostaevsky, KISTOCHKI, convoy management, and many other smaller services are now working in our Central Committee.

Disadvantages of the customer's previous software:

  • self-written
  • does not meet the needs of the business

New SIGURD-MIND contact center:

  • 300 simultaneous operators, including remote ones
  • handles about 100 thousand calls per day
  • built and completed in less than 5 months.

The main contact center functionality used:

  • Intelligent IVR
  • Pop-up forms for call processing
  • Integration with the CRM system of the Taxovichkof group. Gruzovichkof "
  • setting up employee lists with individual call acceptance conditions
  • Call-back with pre-employment of the operator
  • Individual redirection
  • Any routing settings for call distribution
  • Visual queue of clients and changing their order
  • Call recording
  • Call center performance statistics
  • Warning system
  • Speech recognition and synthesis system
  • Ability to block / unblock an operator in a particular direction

Modules for predicting the load on the Contact Center and drawing up shifts and schedules for operators (WFM-Work Force Management) were created and continue to be developed together with STC Argus.

Gruzovichkof" is actively growing, which requires a larger number of simultaneous operators, as well as an increase in the overall load and expansion of the contact center functionality. Thanks to these requirements, we can improve our products. And now, when calling a taxi or ordering pizza, we also mentally note the quality of our equipment!